Aedile Brands its Future

5 min readApr 18, 2023


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Aedile is the first open and decentralized service offering individuals, teams, and communities, an alternative to their favorite management tools.

Built entirely on DFINITY’s “Internet Computer” blockchain, aedile’s front-end and back-end components are decentralized and running at Web speed to ensure a seamless experience for all users, while guaranteeing them transparency, security and full control over their data.


Aedile is a passion project.

Born from R&D in the Lab of ESENS, a tech consulting company based in Paris, France, aedile’s journey starts with a love for blockchains that led us to explore its endless possibilities.

In 2016, disappointed by the state of Web2, tired of hitting walls reading “API rate limits” or “API clients banning”, and disheartened by how little opportunities to build successful applications there were out there, developing new projects sometimes felt like playing a game we’d already lost.

And then, we started researching Web3.

DApps empower developers to innovate in a permission-less environment. This concept single-handedly solved most of the many problems we had encountered building previous apps. So we started building DApps on Ethereum… and quickly found the UX was lacking for beginners.

Not long after burying our latest Ethereum DApp, our Lead Engineer heard about DFINITY and started exploring their full rework of the blockchain.

Now, this was back in 2017, way before it was called the “Internet Computer”. After that, we waited patiently for the SDK to start building on the platform which solved so many of the issues we had encountered with Ethereum; issues such as gas fees or poor wallet UX.

Today, after several years continuously building on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP),

it’s apparent we are writing a brand new and very significant chapter of the Web History.

Building ædile

Having joined the Internet Computer community early, we were lucky to benefit from DFINITY’s first Developer Grant Program to start developing a new Lab project on the ICP : an alternative to Trello, built on the Internet Computer.

Since then, both our project and our vision have expanded.

As early adopters, building on a brand new platform was sometimes a bumpy ride. But we were always able to rely on the DFINITY team for tips and insights on the core concepts of the technology, and it felt so satisfying to work with straightforward developer tools : with a few lines of code you can deploy your application live on a blockchain ! It’s impressive, even in comparison to Web2, and we are proud to have built our project 100% on-chain, staying true to our creed.

In 2022, we released the beta version of aedile to allow the community to test our first features.

This past year, our main objective has been to invite new users to test our product, including people who may not even know it is running on a blockchain… or what a blockchain is, for that matter.

Branding ædile

Aedile’s beta version has been a very useful technical sandbox, allowing us to experiment with the different technologies involved, and to fix a few bugs along the way.

As we move to the RC version of aedile, it’s now time to enhance our users’ experience by making our product more appealing and easier to use for the wider public we want to attract.

Today, we are very happy to share the new face of aedile,

a complete redesign of our branding, debuting with the launch of our new website and the new landing page of our DApp !

As we gradually redevelop the aedile DApp with this new branding, we are also working on adding the features suggested by the community, and much more !

Our vision for the future

Aedile’s ultimate goal is to become a hub for developers, entrepreneurs and investors to meet, share and collaborate around innovation.

Besides providing better project management tools, our primary objective is to build a platform that fosters communities, supports new ideas, and facilitates project funding.

As a developer, you will be able to earn cryptos while bringing your expertise to the ICP ecosystem. As an entrepreneur, you will have access to a wide community of passionate builders. As an investor, you will have the opportunity to discover a large variety of new open services and innovative projects.

As a part of aedile, you will participate in empowering a fast growing network, form and benefit from a tidal wave of exciting new opportunities !

To allow for this future version of aedile, our product will revolve and evolve around our users, and gradually provide them with the tools they need to grow their vision, and our shared platform.

Developers, entrepreneurs and investors will get specific features suited to their specific needs : project showcases, crowdfunding, DAO features, and more.

Most importantly, collaboration, transparency and openness will remain at the core of our effort to build the internet of the future.

Share your skills, showcase your ideas, choose the projects you want to be a part of, and

build the future on aedile.

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ædile is the 1st decentralized alternative to your favorite management tools, built by @esensconsulting on DFINITY 's ICP 😎